Why consider using Pure Linen products?

Linen fabric is one of natures oldest materials for making clothes, bed sheets, towels and more.


1)Linen, can absorb up to 150% of its weight in water, so our Linen Terry Towels are extra thirsty as well as quick to dry (thanks to the fiber's insulating and breathable hollow core): they are also as durable.

2)There are times when you want to dry yourself with gentle pats from a thick soft cotton bath towel, and other times when you want to dry off with a more invigorating rub. This linen terry towel is for those invigorating times. Take care not to be carried away when first you use it! It is loomed in 66% linen, 34% cotton, in a highly absorbent quick drying terry. It is a fully finished bath towel
. As natural linen, it softens and becomes lighter in color with washing. 28" x 54". Color is Taupe. Machine wash
Made in Egypt from finest egyptian linen